#26…where we consider white walls…

And to what amazing wonder we look upon – White Walls!  The perfectly deliriously cosmopolitan – White Walls!  Come in, poke around!   These sepulchers (or sepulchres, euro spelling is more juicy) of painted plywood will enclose and support the semi-sacred or better.  These less-than-holy shrouds of the higher realms of art (at least the non-domestic realms of art) were trucked in to aid in the revival of  enfant terrible culture.


He and She are awaiting the opportunity to serve as docents, guiding you in the maze of white walls and historically significant anarchistic art.  Wow! real gallery type art spaces.  The wonders we have acquired for your edification and awe.


The scheduale is still not coherent, there are more disagreements among the invited and uninvited enfant terribles, but surely now that the white walls are up we can initiate the shows.


Although the rural/circus feel was what we were after, including lush grass to walk  on; there was initiated a mowing by some of the more gentrified participants to the consternation of He & She and the splattering of grass on the white walls.

Also, as is usual in art galleries requirements concerning appropriate mounting (framed, wires, etc.) should be obeyed.


Apparently one emotive bomb carrier decided a self-portrait is to important to be limited by frame, wire,etc..

There will be a meeting concerning inappropriate activities among attendees at the  Temporary Museum of enfant terrible Culture…Next Saturday.