…#25…the tent in terra incognito…

Terra Incognito, a wonderful place spread over maps ancient and near modern. Terra incognito, the earth unknown (at least by map-makers), an open invitation for emotive searchers and wonderers; just the place for our enfant terribles. But maps now are full of what we know, or like to think we know, or are pressured to agree upon; boundaries, shore lines, and convenient passageways.


Our tent is now resurrected, after the incident with the flying object a couple posts ago, and stands again as the anomaly on the prairie where we are gathering our reunion of anarchists.

It’s hot and muggy.  The enfant terribles have been away for awhile, to some dismay by the local communities.  Anarchists seem to have lived up to their reputation, dismissing boundaries etc. We who have been trying to organize this reunion must take some of the blame; but we are trying to keep the outrageous activity here, not let it spill over.

IMG_0001 (1)

Feeling good during a time of disaster and economic dislocation was pursued by the emotive artistics.  Lots of selfies were published and before and afters of personal adornment from the various local vanity businesses. Social media sources have images that have brought some scorn and consternation.  The above is from an evening in an otherwise quiet little town.  Apparently some of the locals responded with their own emotive bombs brought out to counteract the imported.


However, as is usual in the course of human events, some locals decided that yard and garage sales offering their old (but still sputtering) bombs would be profitable; even if unwise.

IMG_0001 (1)

Meanwhile, before returning, the Unicorn confederation upgraded their surveillance technology and began patrolling the reunion area; assuming authority, advocating a plagiarized revolution from the good-old-days.

We are concerned they might poke into other artistic’s activities…next Saturday.