About Herb Eaton

Herb Eaton artist                      photo K. Chiu


Most of us find ourselves functioning out of the moment…anarchy.

Most of us find ourselves embedded in rules…chained anarchy.

Most of us notice the present is, guess what, filled to busting with…


out of time, out of place…anachronistic anarchists…

                and ARTISTS.

     I am from the artist’s group.  From my photo you can see wrinkles of age and the apparent moment of speaking.   My name is Herb Eaton, I have an M.F.A. in sculpture and drawing and exercise many trained and experienced skills in art making; and talking. I am a walking kaleidoscope of views and have created many objects expressing those varied opinions.

As a talker it is safe to presume that I hold that life extends from, and is continued by, a story: so my art is narrative.  The narrative continues to unfold after 45 years;  it concerns my two characters He & She.

He is a naked young man often wearing masks, artificial wings, and assorted other accoutrements.

She is a diaphanously gowned and veiled young woman.

     They will be your docents in this serial blog.

     Many of you have known or at least heard of enfant terrible artistic types; the cultural bomb-throwers who have disrupted the smooth historical-cultural life periodically.  As an anarchical thinker;  I stand alone and claim the authority, the truth if you will, for all you will see and read in this blog, a serial concerning enfant terrible artistics.

     Those of you who possess wisdom, or at least some portion of that rarity, may gather a few insights about art and artists from my viewpoints and considering my images.  In the decades I have made and shown art some people have claimed that seeing it, and tolerating my talking, has helped them enjoy life better.  The rest of you rabble will at least look at pretty pictures of paintings, sculpture, and drawings while reading an edited, abbreviated, and portioned story that has some humorous elements.

The shock effect of any enfant terrible cannot last long.  So if you find some part of this work is deeply offensive, just click past it. There will be no apologies.

In respect for your unknown time restraints, the sections are short. I presume you are a seeker-type wriggling through the embedded rules. So if you want more information, or you find some work you need to purchase seek my profile (above).

Thank you for your time and interest.



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