#137… here to consider empathy…

IMG_0323 2Along with the seashore and glaciers there is an erosion of empathy. A common boy, like so many before our memory, an adventurer; finds the wild unattainable, save through imagination (and bluster), advances through our prairie. IMG_0235

This is where a mystery charted a wildness, united with the markings of a human hand ( elegant to a degree maybe impossible in this digital print age ), instruction as to how to arrive at the tent home of Yorick and the Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture.

The round and rambunctious world, conveniently charted, industrialized, and greatly flattened.

Maps, a path, offer some simple guidance for wandering boys (girls also),  but in this incidence a common boy.  You may want to join him, help him, know him; as if one should follow a map of distinct directions and absolute ends.