#136 … Yorick’s riddle, a flat world …



Yorick, who makes less of a mess than most of us, still has to take out the…

Garbage Can

Yes, he can love that, even riddled with a bit of jealousy.

Now as to the riddle of finding Yorick’s tent on the vasty prairie?





Maps, the placing of a place, of the people (who made it), by the people ( who fiddle with it ), and for the people (who will eventually deal with “it”).  Bits and pieces, known to be locally flat.

All is flat, it is just a matter of arranging your maps ( and your mind ) accordingly.

IMG_0232An old map’s idea is that the world is mysterious, dark, and ready for naming.





The closer you get, the more mysterious. One wonders about where and what is really there; and, what can we know.










Maybe you find that mark on the map, that proof of a human hand, that evidence of the human mystery. Names written (plus other bits and pieces), abbreviate our experience, flattening so we can claim to know.