#118 … a web-bit of thought …

Spring brings forth little surprises that last fall were common and non-surprising; unless, of course, a spider appeared.IMG_0002 People, including emotive artistics, have little fondness for the sudden awareness of a spider; react, startle and avoid, or pursue that fear’s demise.  The first spider of this season (alone, a bit early) was spied by Yorick.


Babbling contentious emotives are considering devisive issues here, as in most places.  Here the greyed-out dividing line between Empathistic or Sympathistic views and actions seems to widen.  Whether an emotive can (“should”) have empathy and therefore act on a matter; or, sympathy and accept inhibitions to action.

The heartlessly pursued arguments sent Yorick for a walk, to whit, he encountered the arachnid.IMG_0001

Passing from the fleshy, juicy, mortal realm eased his fear of spiders centuries ago. Arachnids (skeletonistically anarchists ) live by sucking juices; juicy types find that abhorrent. Never mind what sympathy is rendered for arachnidian efforts constructing intuitive geometry.




As a fluid-less exoskeleton Yorick can have a pet to walk with a self-elongating leash, and in a gesture of empathy attempt an imitative nod to the master of geometry.