#117 … considering things up in the air …

IMG_0001  The sky whirling and falling from the clouds of snow has been relinquished as a topic of conversation; a weakening of the tensions from a winter of frozen enclosure, the worry of stumbling on ice.

Anarchistic emotive artistics have spent the winter here in the tent housing The Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture, this is the first exit by those suffering from extended cabin fever.  The green still has not returned to the treetops; the sky above is wafty bits of clouds, not grey brooding sleet dispensers, a bit early for the luxuriously picturesque fearsome late-spring behemoths.

A simple wandering about refreshing and de-stressing should encourage a general pleasantness.

But, as it is, the excitement of new phenomena (even a seasonably warming sunshine) is easily manipulated into a type of mass hysteria.IMG_0002



An emotives excited pointing-out of fast-multiplying unlikelys, creates an agreed upon unease; even if there really isn’t anything seen that is worthy of exaggeration into hysteria.



Forewarning, though, is a profitable service by hot-aired emotives sure of their need to lead by unreasonable harangues. Some “thing” can surely be found as a topic of dread.








The emotives find no reason not to go along with an agreed approaching doom, no matter how obscure, absurd, and unrealistic. Fear, as you know, is the always realistic to  emotives.







Harangued hysteria is best tethered to some haphazard historical fact, regenerated into boastful claims of knowledge in the ways of those who course the heavens, by those who course the irrational.



Soon enough, some means will be commended, the objects of violence deemed necessary for an absurd offense against an oblique oversized unknowable hysteria.


And to that end, all will forego a general pleasantness walking under wafty clouds.