#77… considering artistic resumes …

IMG_0001 2The artistic resume, the scribbled history of location-dropping; value credited to an unattainable past held in unalterably storied, and very significant – places.


A “wise one” type, common among emotives, has told a story about “previous” enfant terrible reunions being superior to this one ongoing in a circus tent on the Illinois prairie.

Back then, and specifically there, superior artists were more admired, philosophies deeper, emotions purer, significant cultural bombshells much more exuberant; and patrons “acquired” art,  they didn’t “buy” art.



These statements are influencing a coterie who have adopted that story and enhanced it with more, very mentionable, locations; Paris in the 20’s, a charming rural Adirondacks village, a melange ala’ Bali, and a private Aegean Island (owned by an uber-rich hip virtual-reality youngster), plus numerous, conspicuously exotic, others.

An expressive street smart type, seeing an opening to drop an emotive bombshell vivid in self-righteous anger, exploded about being “cut-out” of the “previous” reunion by the “aloof lap-dogs” of the monied-class types.  That also attracted a following.IMG_0002 2



A robust series of bombs began blowing off amid the effects of the hot, humid, buggy, dusty and pollen embedded summer atmosphere … more memorializable angst.


Please note the following …

Yorick and the docents spoke firmly, emphasizing there was NO “previous” reunion; this one is it.  Arguments are frivolous. Banderoles were unraveled saying “Let Peace Reign!”

Instead invective reigned.

To this hyperbolic confusion yet a third leader formed a group opposed to the “tirelessly effete” first group and the “boringly vulgar” second. To this, the third added that their movement had “distilled the paradyms of the past into a new language of art”.

One would hope for an ancient, deep, wet, wishing-well to dampen the fuses, but alas, this is not the case. This gathering of smug, crude, and benighted neo-something artistic types continues; as fuses sputter towards dry powder.

Scene from the neo-non-existant enfant terrible reunion…nuevo-post-sometime.

At least the common simili about art/life imitations makes sense.  Let’s not discuss other comparable truths.

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  1. Marvelous! Love it! It’s free! Explosively energetically alive — simultaneously, intrinsically it is … while resisting “its” becoming an object de art … or some new viewer’s possession.


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