#35…it seems we must consider ghosts and accumulation…

It seems we have worried you about the literate anarchistic types, but bypassed the anachronistic, the more common:  ghosts and “stuff”.IMG_0001

They are here, 16th century ghosts.  Amorphous Everyman types have emerged from the donated stuff, the recycled stuff that well-intentioned folks have left for “art projects, found-object sculpture, etc.” at the entrance to the corn-crib.

It seems old men (living or dead, poor when young) still need “stuff”, still want to be possessing “stuff”, “stuff” that would have made their epoch easier. It seems with “stuff” life would have been better, brides prettier, bullies more quickly smote, winters warmer. “Stuff”, the Everyman’s embarrassment if not having  whatever “stuff”…that “stuff” that  vanquished material embarrassment. “Stuff”, the solidified influence, protection, et al,  that property bestows; the “stuff” to fill one’s belly using the appropriate accoutrements.


It seems that a banquet is part of “stuff”.  Now of little value to the ghosts,  but once reason for tools and gadgets, money and items of barter,  weaponry and flags, trade and transport, all outdated here at the reunion of anarchists.  It seems the ghosts aren’t artists or hungry, so why do they clamber though the junk and left-overs?

It seems, (always a great introduction meaning “really, who knows?”),  it seems, that a reminiscence always brings forth the puzzle of the truly or falsely known.  It seems that the life of a young man is now the ghost of an old man.  It seems that ghosts may still feel the spirit’s pains of hunger and lack of material wealth, and so rummage through that junk deposited at the corn-crib;  grabbing perhaps at a future (what would that be?).  A bomb, rare in their day, lays fused and tempting. Can it emote today the glory of their immortal memory, even if delayed?  It seems antique to us, it seems modern to them, it is, or seems to be anachronistic.

Yorick, himself from the ancients, ponders that this day is closer then all that junked and rotting “stuff”;  it seems, that isn’t remembered.










Join us when we consider the arc of words and pundits…next Saturday