…#34…where we consider vainglory, invective, manifestos, and compassion…


Here at the reunion someone will get attention.  Should sympathy ever be extended to the  foolish egoist?  Maybe some unified discipline, some compassion, for those who would lead?  Certainly leading anarchists is not a job for the meek, the injured, the tired, or the weak; nor the philosophically coherent.

Compassion for artistic dominators?  Once a stone-tipped spear made a point concerning cultural superiority, sinking deep into the belly of a contrary idea.  Now decades of bullet-proof artistic magazines are a glutinous belly-full, worthless sometimes before their publishing. Vainglorious invectives meant to guide, using wordy dominance.  The dominated uninformed receive the same compassion (not much) as those who are out-dated.


We have been “gifted” the contents of the Library of Artistic Manifestos, dropped at our tent door, presumably by the generosity of someone who did not note the “temporary” in the Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture.


As many anarchistic emotive artistic types have written, or at least outlined, a manifesto it probably is appropriate that someplace archives the piles of boxes, notebooks, and reams  of loose-leaf (and loose-thought).  We had not agreed, but now we have them.

We have no intention of reading all this stuff, but we have a certain compassion (if you will) towards the effort of writing all this stuff.  Possibly, by just holding on to it, eventually someone will hire (or convince) a student intern to unpack the boxes.  Then a doctoral candidate can compile the interconnected dissonance, sorting out the oracles of blunt truth and historic amalgamation.  Then, digitized, esoteric ideas of communal wrongs and grudges can be funneled into personal theoretical bombs, fused and ready for the throwing: all energized through daily social media clips of outraged invective.

Until that day, we have insisted that all of this should be elevated to higher-ground (the attic of the corn-crib), a bit of compassion for the past and the potential future.


Join us Next Saturday when we consider the ghostly accumulation of “stuff”.