#28…where we consider great inventions…

A poke of a finger brings some things to life.  Sometimes the brain just needs a poke to wobble into a new pattern, that’s what artistic anarchists claim to do.  Adjusting for a new reality the whole head should bobble, it’s a bit more noticeable.

Enfant Terrible Bobblehead     oil      H.Eaton

Technical skill and audacity, wonderful thoughts, just what we here at the reunion of enfant terribles and Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture thought would make for terrific objects and events. As the tent is once again rebuilt we are taking time to plan in anticipation of active emotionalism.  And so we are thinking about the somewhat subtle, if not very clear, similarity between bobbleheads and nukes.

IMG_0001 (1)

The original bobblehead is lost in obscurity, although there were proto-bobbleheads:  the Hawaiians, Asmats, various helmeted Greeks holding severed heads, and our own Yorick (to some way of thinking).  The bobbleheads of interest seem to be a commercial development based on the industrial sophistication of the  19th century that left someone flippantly in charge.

Should we consider bobbleheads sculpture or performance? Or possibly technological development?

Numerous have been those immortalized in these lively bits of novelty and repetition -true pop sculpture.  Fame gets one the gig for bobblehead notoriety.  So how is it one gets fame?   Upgrade the opportune moment for a flippant performance, emote nuclear!  Nukes have a scribbled history, the seem to be a more important outcome of the 19th century’s development – and they also respond to a poke. Surely some artistic emotive  enfant terrible will get hold of some plutonium nukes…for cultural purposes.


Needing An Upgrade         ink      H.Eaton

Some bobblehead just needs to poke the right place, to make the whole world wobble.

…rejoin us next Saturday.