#11…considering further intertwining turbulence


Along the Mackinaw             pencil            H.Eaton

You may have unraveled a reasonable understanding to last week’s post.  Thankfully there is a blessed limit to some folly.  Intertwining, whether cultural or biological, or even astronomical or romantic, usually interlaces turbulence among the smooth and harmonious.

6 3/4"x 21"  watercolor
A Summer Silence            watercolor    H.Eaton

As the weather is getting better He and She have taken their problems out for a walk.  A cumbersome search for the right spot.  Maybe the river, a small prairie stream nearby,  it helped in the past to simplify.

We noticed that they are without their bombs, unusual.  They still hold things, but not hands.  And so for the honorable curiosity of this blog we will follow them.  Staying a respectful distance we only have their actions to understand what is going on.  Their words might better inform us,  but then we would need to tell the background story that leads us to the phrases they utter.  With that we would need an exposition of the initial causes then some layering of the consequences.   Interjections of all the wonder and horror of two intertwined lives acting out their turbulence.

The Raindancer Tries His Luck        oil      H.Eaton

Things should go smoothly, as the placid waters flowing in the river demonstrate this day.    This little river is to be considered a backwater, an insignificant stream, when compared with rivers draining a more voluptuous collection of hills and valleys.  Various little eddies, deposits of sand, logs, dead leaves and an occasional flood that quickly recedes, demonstrate centripetal and centrifugal forces, waves that bump into things; kinks in the  geology and human skill.  Gravity and turbulence and humans compiling distractions into a whole.

IMG_0002 (1)
Turbulence My Dear           bronze and stainless      H.Eaton

Mathematics could potentially explain the river.  The story of He and She should probably be observed, at a respectable distance, and be passed over in silent analysis.

April, and minds, and plans, change.  Come back to the prairie …next Saturday