#10…when we consider intertwining.

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Generations          oil         H. Eaton

It would be nice for a story to be short and simple, a naturally and lovingly (you might add) intertwining of words, themes, and images to enmesh ones characters.  But, it is frequently those characters who twist everything into an over-peppered spaghetti salad.  He and She, your idle docents, are not above this.  They have been awaiting the opportunity to serve you and other visitors to the Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture but it has yet to mount an exhibit.

Inactivity (you might say ennui) has produced worry and the time to polish their personal emotional bombs.  The short and simple of the following hasty peek into their lives is: He expected lunch and some afternoon delight, She expected to serve a banquet of well-prepared bombs…


If you would like, intertwine your own thoughts.  This story, possibly embarrassing, should be resolved.