#3…Where we are greeted and learn rules…


Do you travel without a map just to experience and cogitate your own understanding?  A fellow traveler or a talking satellite spirit often helps mediate our travel anxieties.  Artistic types often go where they don’t think they need an aiding angel and so they are arriving at this reunion of the enfant terribles directed mostly by some inner itch.  They feel no need for guidance or rules, but arrive nonetheless.  This motivation is better understood by the fluttering trajectory of a corn leaf in the dry autumnal wind or the migration myths of wooly bear caterpillars.

We promised you some helpers while attending the events in this blog.  They are comfortable around all the bombs, even yours.  Also, some artistic types will be dragging some rusty old ball-and-chains.  As ball-and-chains can encumber please be attentive.  If you brought your own, and we presume you might always need them close, you are responsible.


Your docent guides, the jitterbugging anarchists you conjured in post #1 are He and She.  You should refer to them as He and She and nothing more.  This is because this reunion was hastily organized and only one rule was firmly agreed upon: no proper names.  No proper names are to be used at the reunion or the museum…for anyone. This rule has one exception, Yorick, a medieval jester’s skeleton who you will meet next week.

It does seem peculiar at an event celebrating the most emphatic practitioners of the Arts, that the only rule is…no names are used.  But there are reasons; memory has faded for many of the attendees and with it name recognition, some artists prefer a brand-name, some have not accomplished the construction of their personae (to mask the character that requires the bomb), and vanity by some is eclipsed by heated and brutish jealousy in others.  Among the enmassed non-conformity and with so many lit fuses and heated egos, name misuse could produce conditions far more serious than grand artistic gestures.  Thus the “no proper names” rule, the only rule for anarchists.

Having said that, wonderful relationships are as common here as centaurs and unicorns.  A lot more centaurs and unicorns materialize here than in our mundane world and, like you and the other folks here, they are sorting out reality and fantasy among a host of bombs and bomb-holders.  It is probably easier on them here as myths are readily accepted.


He and She, caring and well-trained, will be putting you in front of what you may need to sort out…next SaturdayThe Jester of Aristocrats




One thought on “#3…Where we are greeted and learn rules…

  1. My ball and chain I liken much to Marley’s weights and strong chain. It is easier to watch from the safety of the tall grass than make the spectacle of effort to join in the reunion. It isn’t a choice but than it is a choice. Confusion without confusion and yet the fire in the engine of my creativity. Hammer and Tongs.


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