#2…Where we consider Wonder and Wandering

Wonder, did you learn that art makes you wonder?  There is hope in that it is said.  Maybe in wondering you might go wandering, there is a cost in that you know.  Steering your neo-modern wonder vehicles, you may have to pay to refill patience before your fingers find the hope destination.

The wonder of the present time is there are some artistic types traipsing about; possibly we should consider that a hopeful beginning.  There is a gathering, a reunion, they are heading toward.  It is in a large reconstituted circus tent out in the midst of a cornfield on the vasty Illinois prairie.  The artistic types gathering are a subgroup, the enfant terrible types.  This is a reunion for the enfant terrible’s of the ages.  Soon a placard “The Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture” will be installed on the tent and the expositions will commence.

IMG_0001 (2)The enfant terrible types consider themselves anarchists, rule abaters.  Most are also anachronistic, out-of-whack in the temporal sense; although some will claim the juice of the times runs through their wires.  Explosions are expected at the reunion, at times trying ones patience.  Anarchists, especially emotive artistic type anarchists, have bombshells and all seem to be carrying one or more.  Historically artistic types prefer cultural bombshells exploding metaphorically;  however we should prepare for the realism of modern times. A shadow, either from a massive prairie thunderhead, or from the knowledge of who is gathering; falls occasionally on the tent and the ideal of hope.  If you see a light on the shadow darkening hope, it may be lightening or, more probably, someone’s bomb went off.

We know most people prefer their own confinements.  The artistic types though often commence to wandering, usually in the interlacing ether. But sometimes, like where this blog contrivance will take you, off to a disconcerting pastoral where few have been.  It is possible, but not necessarily probable, that the voice of reason will keep you safe from the turbulent puzzlement common among artistic types.  The enfant terrible world is a  romantic, and very absurd, construction.



We have guides who have volunteered to aid you.  They have a loose chart for your experience in the big tent of anachronistic anarchist artistic types…and their bombs.  They will greet the wanderers and you, male and female alike, next Saturday.



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  1. I wander wondering all the time, but I don’t consider myself an anarchist. Just because I make up my own rules…


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