#132 … returning to instruction by a fool …

IMG_0101 2

As to last week’s riddle, what would be better in August’s muggy heat than a …

Reciprocating Fan !     or do you say

                         Oscillating ?

Yorick has love to share, so uses reciprocating, more of a humane idea; returning again and again spreading some goodness. It is a bit to mechanical to say oscillating, don’t you think(?) …

… if love is what begins the idea.

As it is, oscillating seasons [ the tipping of the planet ] produces variable placement of heat.  A reciprocated affection for that hazy blue-green ball would potentially return to – how is it shared – reciprocating beneficence.

Historically anachronistic Yorick has little personal concern of the approaching big heat-up ( bit more bleaching of his bones probably won’t make much difference ).  But, he would have you consider his present location.  There is much to be said for a place where the effluent of the ice-ages, melted completely and rearranging well known shores, will not inundate.

IMG_0105Future visitors and residents probably will still need oscillating fans, and maybe (maybe?) return to being reciprocating fans of the planet.