#104 … a bit of a thaw …


A few hours here and there, relief from the bitter cold; some mercy, that is if mercy can be considered a character of monstrous surges of arctic winds. He and She, descriptively warm or cold, “… depending upon …”;  but at the moment – thankful, there is a bit of a thaw.

A respite, a gift, a thaw deducted from the limits of winter and the unruly continuity of bickering in closed quarters. A thaw appears for a moment in bickering winds, in the bickering among the gathered, and in the constant bickering for a moments meaning each has ascribed to the activities named “mine”.


Thaws last hour to hour at this time of year, and seldom past the sunshine. He and She, most likely, will retreat from the ice flows and await the spring mud; planning to begin again.