#102 … considering our period, or any set of dots …

Last week’s riddle answer…the period. [( . )]

The dot, the spot, point, or rather that punctuation thing, the full-stop, the period. [( . )] Kinda special don’t you think? Worthy of a love poem,  civilization’s wonder-mark – great invention; putting an end to a set of words … bringing meaning (hopefully).


Yorick would have you pay attention to these bits of the infinitesimal barely noticed, round things, the end dot, the spot, the reminder to remember, and bigger round things, snowballs and planets.


Moving from one thing to another, it is winter here on the prairie. Its’ that time, flu for the fully fleshed. The planet twists for a chattering moment, kinda like humans when the body is sick … first the fever, then the cold chills, twisting and turning, then the fever again and chills.

Consider how many daily sarcastic emotings unworthy of a period are thrown out to you; to make unsustainable prosperity a witty reply to obsolete virtues of expression, facts, and humane morality.

The period at the end of another era of meaningless talk? For civilization more likely the dot,dot,dot, of the unclosed ellipsis …


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