#98 … hall of fools (part 3) …

Having some oaf handle ( or is it footle? ) the ageless symbol of eternity while strutting a pedestal may be a bit offensive.



Most won’t find it funny, the idea of a balancing fool; whilst and also, most just acquiesce.

Think about public fools, and that which litters warm seas, damp bogs, oily wetlands, bridge abutments; there does seem to be a connection, right?


Some are honored when young for limited talents highly praised, excessively praised, but then, well the drive may still go on but the talent … declines a bit. But in this world of emotives and egoist there is still room for a bronze commemorating the feeble skills and the self-made spectacle to remind those who ponder.  And the pondering considers why there is never enough ( as in finis ) honor for limited fools.

The world ain’t-agona stop spinning, its’ just the drive the drive the drive, to encircle the look-at-me: please ponder a fool’s monument.  Another visual thought from the Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture.