#93 … reflecting on shallow pools …

IMG_0001 2


The river to which they went was wet, then dried, now damp again; leaving shallow pools to await freezing.




It is where galactic rules, the measured kind, are so easily dismissed by a boy – to impress the girl, so as to reflect on a puddle; or, more elegantly, a shallow pool … with romance and absurdity.




A place for swinging twigs and skipping stones, swirling and splashing time pictures, cloudy, rippling orbits (remnants of a person) –  exercising a   personality … the marks of his passing…





… that’s turbulence…

IMG_0004  IMG_0005  IMG_0006… beginning – and to the end –   turbulence…



There, there you have it; the mystery of the whole universe ( including his special place ) … turbulence in a shallow pool.


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