#91 … Heaven and music, reconsidered ….

100_0468Outside on the prairie, even in the midst of agricultural industry, it is possible to think of Heaven up beyond the clouds, as someplace to fly to, someplace to go;  responding to  memory – purest memories, sounds – harmoniously resolved, faults – most grievous faults – transformed.

Sometimes when people, or plural peoples, are dying they … reconsider.  There may have been signs to consider as they wandered along, but the somber utility of life does get in the way of understanding.  Understanding, for example, music and a celestial future. Heaven may be just a long stretched out sheep pasture with wandering folks in pure white veils and angelic wings humming delirious melody and harmony, or it may be silence in a baptism of color.IMG_0001 2

In the spirit of reconsidering; what of music, the singing, presumably transforming the silence in Heaven. Is there a night club, dance hall, church, or bar and grill with actual musicians on your same plane (elevated and very divine), or is some virtual recording, (obviously repetitive – eternity is a long long time) playing only for you.

Maybe some faint hope of fame in Heaven, ( like singing in the Divinity’s shower) is worth practicing (here) to gain.IMG_0003

Is the heavenly-hopeful immigrant musician expected to carry speakers, amplifiers, recording devices et.al. from this present here and now into the afterlife, on his back like so much refugee detritus. IMG_0004


Is it absurd to think that Heaven needs a sound track? imagined here? – in the earthly realm – could it really matter? do they have sub-woofers blasting all the crap to Hell (the repository of faults)?


And does interruption, certain sounds, matter more than silence, do some acceptable interruptions maybe …  achieve the heavenly transformation?IMG_0001