#89 … considering comparable pains …

We have little to bring you as far as local news; well, other than fires, murders, economic discontent. But this place, holding so many tax-paying emotives, pales so badly compared to the rest of the world on the hyperbole-index We are a bit embarrassed to bring up our problems.

IMG_0001 3

However, at the tent of anachronistic anarchists things are comparable, still a lot of little bombs lit and awaiting opportunity to be tossed, thrown, left lying around till they explode; it is in the nature of emotives (anarchistic and otherwise), and therefore is a problem worth noting.

We have been considering acquiring a drone, for observation and potential defensive purposes.

IMG_0014As it is, the weight of cameras and emotion-seeking bombs is probably greater than the carrying capacity of big-box discount-store drones. And we lack sufficient pilots, lethal or otherwise, who can direct the photography or bombing.


IMG_0001 2But, a solution was proffered. The artists here have decided to draw “artistic conceptions” of what the drone images would look like if we actually did use one.  It is unlikely anyone will get hurt ( it is art after all) but tiny bits of fear of heights and surveillance paranoia might show up.


IMG_0018It takes awhile to gain some perspective, some elevation. Artists must imagine heights that are not readily available on a broad farming prairie, so high angles are just to make perspectival drawings, a means of plausible truth.

IMG_0016This aerial drawing is the Mackinaw River, our local bit of the flowing divine, with some rains blowing in, rain, adequate usually, but not to much, usually.

The tent, holding anachronistic irascibles is either just below your vision or among those squiggles around some light area in the middle right. Drawings are nice, viewers get to decide what is important to them; you must imagine things like temperature, humidity and color,

Color should include the ragweed, goldenrod, black-eyed susan, big bluestem,  and the multitudinous prairie weeds, pain should include sneezing and sweating and scratching.  And, hopefully, scratching an itch will be the only sign of blood.


Imagine if you wish, empathize if you can, the pain and suffering around here; or, better yet, extend it to those in very windy places, very watery places, very hot places, very bloody places – far away.