#71…considering begging cowboys…


“Your money or your life !”  ah, the Good Olde Days. Does the six-shooter helps to focus your attention, focused on this beggar seeking alms (and authority)?  A ghost of mythic Westerns? At this point surely an anachronism.  It is presumable, seeing his personae   evidenced in the hobby horse, that he’s well…a bit childish. The crime to be? It is based on simple, great, old-timey things – the desire for increased sustenance or, is it a really bad attitude?

Some presume wealth begetting power is based upon – a really bad attitude –  and to that end, portraits of leaders (with really bad attitudes) are placed on selected currency of the realm: it is a nice reminder.






It is known that money is hard to trap; winds, floods, wars, theft and the like will destroy it or spread it…to wherever…


Some wealth seems to just get stuck here or there, useless; available to beggars (armed or otherwise), available just for the picking…an easy deduction from the fluid value of the commonwealth. Removal (with proper authority) probably saves wealth from being stuck, or blown about –  among the common thickets.


Elsewhere in the tent, a new play is rehearsing, avant-garde actors have tried white hats on the villain character; to soften the image, make it more inclusive.  A drama with limited conflict; desiring a nostalgic (possibly static) form of happiness.  At this point neither dialogue or plot are moving very well – due to budgetary constraints.

IMG_0001 2

Life, bandits, you never know…