#68…considering how wonderfully skillful….

100_2108Self-inflicted, another name for foolishness?, a concept for the depressed, a way of seeing the world from above, above others, arrogance…then fallen ?

Among emotives, with or without artistic ambitions, there is really nothing new.  Attention, control, expansive territories, an angel’s overview, admiration(admiration!) something to brag about, Admiration!, dominance, pain to their enemies ( even those who don’t know who they are…or care)  Additional Admiration! a recognition of their bombs ( not as “little” but as potency in hand ), a place in the hierarchy of nature ( a superior force of nature ?),  an Additional Admiration by The Divinity or whomsoever may be worshipped.

And to that end, many craft themselves as self-made angels. How wonderfully skillful !  Constructing angelic wings bound to their strength by golden shackles ( compare to Seraphim, not cupids ).

And begin to fly.  IMG_0001 2






Typically the self-made angel types never get around to asking a rather simple question.

Where is Heaven?  Out there? Someplace not bound to our whims, in distant traces of luminous wonder?

IMG_1745Or, here in the muck…the product of our conceit, and even our goodness; is Heaven just a moment in reflected luminous wonder…?


How wonderfully skillful !  If, rising from this vale of misery his hands are cut and bloody; refrain from pity, and don’t startle him with notoriety.  Those shackles ( how wonderfully skillful !) his willing acquisition, and with great effort attained, must be discarded.

Then, looking up to see birds fly…he can walk.