#59… if you want pretty balloons…please consider…













yes consider… paying the artists.

Commerce, even here at the reunion of anarchists and tent of the enfant terribles always keeps things going.  It seems that many want the pretty balloons (metaphorically speaking) but the artistics want some compensation; even the dead (We suppose): for what purpose is only an incense cloud of guesses.

Included in the disrupting events of the last few weeks here on the wind-swept prairie was one, the thought of becoming commercial, i.e. imitating the outside world. It is a critical discussion.

Donations, “begging” for help, has alienated some of the purists.  Instead of offering a handful of balloons they would have a wagon-load of halos to demonstrate the quality of the artists, a monkish expectation of earthly provender while guiding morals and spirituality with various scribbles.

Well, maybe.Donate now

History, art and otherwise, offers pirate affluence as validating most actions, even proving a state of grace, but it  possesses a pejorative connotation among anarchists and enfant terribles:  unless ( of course) they receive a benefit from some pirate, where upon blessings are extended.

Some lament that art has been turned into a commodity.  “Commodity market” – an ethereal pantheon – for some hallowed artists : (usually during explosive three-year careers).  Producing commodifiable art, acquiring patronage, showing in evening vespers galleries, or pontificating where affluence pours into collection baskets; is for the few.img_0001-2

Outside on the prairie, corn, now that’s a commodity – certain product uniformity – offered with an understanding that someone will buy.  Buy (maybe not at the best producer price) but buy they will.

Art is a little different.

Hundreds of millions of paintings are offered on the internet, not counting the sculptures, drawings and cat photos, they do not possess “certain product uniformity”.  Alas, few will be bought.

The artists here at the tent who didn’t come into this world with a gilded guardian angel, have found a bit of the necessities of low fixed costs and dry storage space; to hold their art till some pirate wants to buy a blessing.





This romantic absurdity does have a cost so we have put out our sign, against the pure anarchists desire,  and hope you will donate to the PayPal account.