#51…Commas again, blood, and other repeating issues…


What…do you grasp this!

The Comma…language’s – “take a break, relax” – sign; discussed among emotives, compels a riot. Enclosing enfant terribles, promising their ascendancy (a show of their explosions), plus delay, begets belligerence.  Rioting “comma” activists what name shall we use, (“anti-discontinousists(?) )  graffitied the pure white walls. Bloody alt-expressives-agendaists (?)!  Insult to injury (!): both sides want, what?  No ART?  No peace?

The grammar thing twisted our tented emotives entangled and deeply entwined, with criticism of the new – Deciders. This is embarrassing, this shouldn’t occur outside of cities!

He & She, your ever-patient docents, in good rural fashion; joined volunteers cleaning. They are quite upset about this aggression upon artistic communication within the anarchist’s reunion.These white walls were prepared to receive artworks, of The Deciders choosing.



Let’s move on to the appointment of The Deciders.  Please tolerate this official business, we do apologize.  Let’s begin with some legalities.

1. This (the Blog) is a work of art, therefore only internal rules apply.

2.  We cannot use proper names (see. post #1) here at the reunion.

a. there is one exception, Yorick, the medieval skeleton jester.

3. Those are the laws We apply.

We appoint characters (Deciders) in order to allow all enfant terribles and anarchists to experience the transcendent spirits of ART.  We try not to fixate on past behavior or the promise of humane generosity in the future, but present the hope of a magnanimous spirit of gratitude for recognition and opportunity.

The Deciders are now renewed.  We choose through a system based on “youthful artistic predisposition” identified by means of evaluating their hobby horses.  This attempts to solve the discrepancies between archaics and moderns.

{ All as children used their imaginations and a broom as a “horse”: eventually those imaginative creations “age” a bit;  what remains is a vision of primal temperament – the viscera of fearful Awe, the wisdom of form, and various other tangibles and intangibles   – constituting ART. }


The following are presently The Deciders.

Hothead     bronze




The Primal     bronze



The Dull-Force    bronze







We must leave this unfinished. There is the sound of horses hooves, clanging metal, and gruff commanding voices outside.  (Sounds like centaurs).

We will report next Saturday.