#44…deception, considering concocting an artifice……


Deception, as in chicanery, there is some of that in the arts, when there is money or power to be gained by various underhanded means.  But, usually chicanery is left to the bigger deities – corporate entities or political celebrities.  Deception in romance is more common, He and She seem to be dealing with (written?) issues, or, are they possibly practicing lines from a script…rehearsing yet again?  Things appear a bit chilled out here, best we go in.


Take a seat, what you see is a drawing, a mural to help the actors; an audience is important.  We also have an applause and laugh track if needed.  Peruse the following as if a playbill, we are preparing for the show.

Here at the tent of the incomprehensible we are interested in simply concocting an artifice, a deception if you will, but more a metaphor for an audience (if we get one) to ponder, hopefully helping to fill in the images or words that thoughtful people may use to “help them understand”…something: romance, some absurd words and deeds, some political drama ( a slow-moving coup d’tat?), hopefully some humor.

img_0001Enfant terribles are intensely writing plays, comic, tragedy, reality dramas, spoofy horror, whatever their momentary desires.  Anarchists have partial sets  that should evoke the poetry necessary to investigate ideas, or practice an actor’s media personality, or at least consume the time allotted on the stage.

img_0001Absurdist costume designs are favored, basically clothing not convenient for protecting one from weather, or useful as a suit of workclothes, and not likely to enamor future in-laws if worn for a introductory home-cooked meal.  For others, cliche’s on tee-shirts are costume enough.

Making reality, as a theatrical artifice, is a bit tricky and expensive; and so artists resort to simplification of conditions (through a thicket of complicatedness), if not always wearing flattering costumes. And props, of course here the props of choice are the bombs; the pre-exploded personal emotions, attributes of creative outpourings.








Perhaps the playbill notes can unravel the deceptions in the play, is that helpful, (in the metaphorical sense), for your understanding?




Join our first performance next Saturday.