#30…the first exhibit……

The Glorious Age of Myth, and barbarous times; sharing the same calendar pages and exhibit space at the Temporary Museum of Enfant Terrible Culture.

Monument To The Age Of Anarchy           ink

A complete overview of the anarchistic artistics and their emotion bombs should include a statue of heroic proportions commemorating  valuable moments from the Age of Myth and the Age of Anarchical History.  And so here it is.

It seems that the first sculpture to arrive for the opening of the Temporary  Museum of enfant terrible Culture is somewhat skimpy in terms of the flesh one normally expects from sculpture, especially bronze.  It is also a bit skimpy in terms of the attributes used for meaning, the iconography.

Yorick was asked to comment (because he is skeletal), after pointing out that everybody is skeletal “under the skin”, he denied any particularly useful comment.  Except to say,  that possibly this represents a couple of belligerents who arrived at Heaven’s Gate with the idea of renegotiating with the Divinity: and such is their reward.  Given the standard outcome, this might be the better Grace.

IMG_0001 (1)
The Standard End                  pencil

Also wandering about outside the tent were anarchists and hangers-on who offered interpretations that the sculpture was about “Honor”.   To whit, the sculpture is what remains after some dewy rural morning, or humid urban night, on the mythical (or is it barbarous), field of Honor.  The fatal stand-off with our fizzing bombs.

Monument To The Field Of Honor               bronze


Are The Emotion Bombs Everlasting?         ink

Or, we ask,  is the sculpture about what transparently foolish romantic absurdity accepts.  The irreducible fears and the frightened embodiment, one to another, of “until death do us part”.

More sculpture arrives…the guardian of our tent…next Saturday.