#23…where we consider the use of melodious courage…

A cast-off circus musician with a tune of melodious courage (and some skill), hopes to charm a dance out of the shackles-and-chains of fears and cares.


But – to that courage: that reaching out, that dancing to consummate tenderness and tension, nervous elegance, eloquence and discord while the music plays;  courage may be beyond the musician’s skill to summon.  Here at the reunion most are making a rumble and jingling, dragging ball-and-chain; ’tis the music of their own making, their own disabled apprehension.  Anarchistic decibels and distractions beyond melody and reality.


The clanging dance of ball-and-chain is so noisy, rattling the rhythm of pocket change, fears chained to cares.  That which is poised to hurt cannot warn.

A stack of boxes, no doubt shipped for the    gift shop, have been examined . Need or luxury, it is hard to know, but surely to be sampled.








But your docents He & She, in hopes of overcoming the chingling chains (so reminiscent of absent coinage), are to the melody and the dancing.


Dancing on perilous perches to the melody of courage, defying the absolute; an antique joy of youth.