#14…the meeting room and language…

Were the utilitarian and money problems solved, there would still await:  language.  Although many have left the reunion site, those that remain are a cross-section of living and artists from legend and myth.  We gathered a meeting for a round-table concerning descriptive categories on didactic panels and labeling to be used in the museum, whenever that gets done.

The Discussion                     ink        H.Eaton

It was about language and so everyone brought a bomb.

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As no one took notes, this is the story as we would tell it…

A number of the “legend” (dead) artists objected to the term “living” when referring to artist who still cast a shadow, suggesting that “pre-dead” was more accurate.  They noted that “dead” implies a negative while “living” has a positive denotation.  The “living” artists countered that they had already conceded “legend” in place of “dead” so as to avoid a non-inclusive attitude assuming “dead” would mean “legend”art was unimportant today.  Changing “living” wouldn’t do any good for the “dead” but would remove the present vitality the “living” need to attract curatorial attention.  Further, the “living” (pre-dead) pointed out that the “legends” (dead) attract to much of the money which they (living/pre-dead) would like to have now while there is still flesh on their bones and bills to pay.

Yorick, arguing against the “legends”, pointed out that “pre-dead” doesn’t have the comic clarity of “living” when used with “dead”.  He remarked that when alive he needed the language, but it was going to die anyhow, so now his work is just generic 15th century Danish jokes played as lawn entertainment at medieval festivals.  Sort of “living”.

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To throw another bomb in, some of the “living” artists of the cooler more esoteric conceptual variety said they wanted to be known as “pre-dead”.  They point out that “per-dead” removes a lot of the flowery cuteness that comes from being a “living” member of the “artsy” type in a pre-dead to dying culture.  They then added insolently that the “legends” should go back to their cemetery statuary and stay dead.

And, He and She took opposite positions.



We tabled this until somebody can work on it.

Other issues…next Saturday